• Sponsoring an animal is a satisfying and creative way for you to assist us in maintaining healthy animals, such as housing, food and medical needs.
  • Sponsorship is for one seasonal year. More than one person, group or business can be a sponsor of an animal(s).
  • Sponsor(s) receive free pass(es) depending on the dollar amount/animals chosen.


  • $200 = Camel, Zebra (2 passes)
  • $150 = Kangaroo, Mini Cow, Mini Horse, Mini Donkey (2 passes)
  • $100 = Deer, Alpaca, Tortoise (2 passes)
  • $50 = Coati, Birds, Pig, Goat (1 pass)

Contact John or Carol at the farm for more information or to become a sponsor.

(203) 263-4522